Stephen Colbert gives a make-up tutorial on how to get Trump's 'shimmering look'

Stephen Colbert gives a make-up tutorial on how to get Trump's 'shimmering look'

Donald Trump has, shall we say, a unique complexion.

Falling somewhere between an Oompa Loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and a can of Fanta, the president always appears to be glistening with a citrus edge whenever he's on television.

It was particularly noticeable during his recent rally in Columbus, Ohio on Monday where he adopted a washed out bronze look, with a slightly pale shade around his eyes, mouth and ears.

This striking 'look' is bound to be the talk of the streets in Washington DC - but how does one apply such shimmering makeup? And what products should we use?

Thank goodness that we have the political satirist, television host, comedian and apparent make-up artist Stephen Colbert with us.

In the opening monologue of the latest episode of The Late Show, Colbert commented on Trump's appearance in Ohio, which he described as "C-3PO crossed with a glazed ham".

In a segment called 'Stephen on the Floor', Colbert imitates a YouTube make-up tutorial where he talks us through the 'Shiny Shimmery Presidential' aesthetic.

The materials used in the video include a bronzer, a highlighter, crushed up Christmas ornaments, baloney and really tight goggles.

To be honest we're not sure if it will ever catch on but at least we know what to watch if we ever wanted to look like an abandoned piece of ham in a toy store.

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