Comedian Stephen Colbert has apologised to President Donald Trump, and he swears it’s ‘sincere’.


The Late Show host called out CNN for ‘fake news’ after it ran a story about the show’s recent episode, which featured comedian Dana Carvey doing an impersonation of newly appointed security advisor John Bolton.

The organisation ran with the headline: "Look who’s playing John Bolton on SNL."

Carvey was on The Late Show, NOT SNL.

Using his best Donald Trump voice, Colbert declared ‘fake news’.

I agree with Donald Trump about something: CNN lies. I apologise. Donald Trump is a great president. Come on!

Come on, CNN, this isn't SNL. Here's how you can tell that clip wasn't on 'Saturday Night Live': It was a Wednesday, we tape during the daytime, and we're not live.

You got three things wrong… in three letters.

People on Twitter dragged CNN too all in good cheer, though.

Mostly though, people got the humour in the 'apology'.

Even fake Trump got involved.

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