Stephen King has revealed that he had an idea for a novel based on Jason Voorhees, the supernatural serial killer from the Friday the 13th franchise, and has called it the "best novel idea I never wrote".

King, who has penned many classic horror stories including The Shining, Carrie, Pet Semetary and IT, claimed on Twitter on Sunday evening that he had an idea for a book called 'I, Jason.'

The novel would be told from the perspective of Voorhees as he lives out his seemingly never ending cycle of death and rebirth at Camp Crystal Lake where he is inevitably foiled by a group of teenagers but not before he kills a few with he trademark machete.

Alas, 72-year-old King admitted that he will probably never write this story but the response on Twitter would indicate that many people want to read it.

There have been 12 Friday the 13th movies, with the most recent iteration from 2009 being effectively a reboot.

However, as King would point out there would be major legal problems with producing the book as the rights to the franchise have shifted several times throughout it's history.

The first eight movies were made by Paramount before it was purchased by Warner Bros and their New Line Cinema division.

But Warner Bros did trade some of the rights back to Paramount in exchange for a few other titles making this a legal headache that King might not want to get involved with.

King did seem keen on Blumhouse making a movie of the novel should it ever be written.

Blumhouse is the production studio behind many acclaimed modern horror films including Get Out, The Purge, The Invisible Man and Paranormal Activity.

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