Teletubbies forced to debunk tweet claiming that their sun baby now has her own child

Teletubbies is without question of the most surreal kids' television shows ever made. From pink custard, a sentient vacuum cleaner and characters with literal TV screens in their stomachs, it really had it all.

One of the most memorable elements of the show was the sun that shone down on the Teletubbies home which inexplicably had the face of a small baby. It was certainly adorable but didn't make a blind bit of sense.

Considering that the show was first aired in the UK in 1997, the child in the sun is now much older and apparently is now old enough to have a child herself. Or that's what this viral tweet said anyway...

Considering that this got more than 80,000 retweets it's fair to say that there are either a lot of Teletubbies fans on Twitter or that people of a certain age now feel very, very old, including Radio 1 presenter Greg James.

However, like most things on the internet all is not quite as it seems as the official Teletubbies account was quick to point out to James that although the woman in the picture, Jess Smith, was the sun baby the child that she was holding was not her baby.

It is in fact, the current baby that plays the sun, Berry, on the show cue the confusion and disappointment.

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