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The Simpsonsis one of the most beloved and celebrated TV shows in history but after nearly 30 years on the air, it's fair to say that it has seen better days.

With over 600 episodes to its name the show and its characters have pretty much done everything, there is to do and judging by recent criticisms. it has outstayed its welcome.

Yet season 30 of the animation is currently being broadcast and it shows no sign of drawing to a conclusion, especially has episodes still pull in on average, over 2 million viewers.

The question of how to end the show has long been discussed with fans, many of whom felt that it peaked in the 90s and has never recovered.

A fascinating Twitter debate started by writer Tristan Cross on this very subject has provoked some intriguing ways of bringing the story of The Simpsons and Springfield to an end.

Tristan's own suggestion read like a bleak teen indie movie set in 1994, where all hope had been abandoned in favour of pure melancholy.

Comedian, Limmy, came up with a catastrophic end for the town and its residents.

More than a few suggestions were very bleak and distressing.

Addressing the fact that the characters never age would be an interesting way of doing it.

Some suggestions had actually happened in the show, which demonstrates just how many subjects they have covered.

A meta episode involving the creator Matt Groening would be great.

Stealing the ending from other shows would be hilarious.

This is probably our favourite.

In reality, it's probably worth keeping it on TV as it's ending could potentially bring about the end of civilization.

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