The Simpsons is one of the most iconic TV shows in history. Aside from its humour, cultural impact and creepy future predictions, it has also got an unmistakable and iconic aesthetic.

There’s hardly a person alive who doesn’t know what Homer Simpson looks like, but no one has even seen him like this before. That’s right, artist Miguel Vasquez has created a sculpture that imagines Homer in human form – and it’s absolutely terrifying.

But he didn’t stop there. Vasquez also imagined Monster’s Inc.’s Mike Wazowski, as well as Spongebob and his sidekick Patrick.

Human Homer has yellowish skin, scruffy clothes and plenty of wrinkles – not exactly the picture of health.

Given the creepy nature of his work, it’s no surprise that people have reacted strongly to his creations. Responding to the more extreme reactions, Vasquez said:

When people say my 3D artwork is ugly, creepy, and disgusting, but that was the plan along.

To be fair, given this was his intention, Vasquez has certainly achieved his goal.

H/T: Unilad

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