People think this episode of The Simpsons from 27 years ago predicted the 'murder hornets' of 2020

People think this episode of The Simpsons from 27 years ago predicted the 'murder hornets' of 2020

The Simpsons has been on the air for so long now that it has covered nearly every conceivable subject and issue known to man.

During its 30+ years on the airwaves, fans have noticed that it seemingly predicted events like Greta Thunberg's speech at the United Nations and Donald Trump becoming president.

Surely then, it could not have foreseen something like the dual-threat of coronavirus and the Japanese giant hornet aka "murder hornet" which has been spotted in the United States.

Well, it somehow did and not only that it predicted both events in the very same episode and way back in 1993 nonetheless.

In season 4, episode 21, which is titled 'Marge in Chains' the folks of Springfield become obsessed with a juicer machine from Japan but unfortunately for them, the packages have become infected with the fictional 'Osaka Flu.'

(BTW, don't even get us started on how this flu storyline is problematic... particularly given how overtly racist a lot of the discourse surrounding Covid-19 has been).

As the flu germs spread throughout the town, the locals desperately search for any type of cure, leading them to storm hospitals leading to Dr Julius Hibbert telling them:

Why the only cure is bed rest. Anything I would give you would just be a placebo.

The rampant mob demand to have the placebos but don't know where to find them. For some reason, they believe that they might be in the back of a truck.

Except the truck doesn't contain the placebos just a box of "killer bees" which gets broken open and presumably causes even more damage than the flu.

Right now people are feeling pretty anxious about swarms of "murder hornets" travelling across the world from Asia, while we're also dealing with a flu-like virus.

So the similarities between the "killer bees" and "murder hornets" are obvious, as are the circumstances. Is this another thing that The Simpsons predicted?

Given the number of ludicrous things people think The Simpsons have predicted, it was only a matter of time before one of the creators of the show commented on the phenomenon.

Bill Oakley, who is credited as a co-writer of that episode, along with Josh Weinstein shared the above tweet and conceded that they might have very well predicted the events of 2020 thus far.

Given everything that has already happened this year, we can only hope that this is the last thing that The Simpsons predicts, however, we would be in favour of a stage musical version of Planet of the Apes.

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