Tom Hanks wrote a letter to a boy named Corona who was being bullied and it's perfect

People are obsessed with "hero" Tom Hanks's heartwarming gesture to an eight-year-old boy being bullied because his name is Corona.

Corona De Vries, who lives on Australia's Gold Coast, wrote to Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson in early April to wish them well after they publicly revealed they had both been diagnosed with coronavirus.

In the letter he also explained that people were picking on him at school because of his name.

I love my name but at school people call me the coronavirus.

I get very sad and angry when people call me this.

In response, Tom Hanks sent back a touching letter in which he thanked De Vries for being a "good friend".

Your letter made my wife and I feel so wonderful. Thank you for being such a good friend.

Friends make their friends feel good when they are down.

Hanks signed the letter off with "you've got a friend in me", a reference to his voice work as Woody in Toy Story.

People are heartened by the wholesome interaction.

Along with the letter, Hanks also sent De Vries a typewriter as a gift.

But this prompted some confusion as to why the actor would send such a present to a young child.

Firstly, the typewriter's brand is Corona, so the present is personalised (in a way).

Hanks is also famously a collector of typewriters, owning over a hundred. The letter he sent to De Vries was actually typed on a typewriter — so clearly Hanks thinks it's a pretty great gift to receive.

And, as Hanks explains in his letter, De Vries can now use his new typewriter for future correspondence.

I thought this typewriter would suit you. I had taken it to the Gold Coast, and now, it is back – with you.

Ask a grown up how it works. And use it to write me back.

Hanks lived with his wife in Australia whilst filming Baz Luhrmann's upcoming Elvis Presley biopic. Production of the film is currently paused.

The couple were diagnosed with coronavirus in March but have thankfully since recovered.

Anyway, who wouldn't want to receive a typewriter from Tom Hanks?

We can only dream of receiving a typewriter from Tom Hanks's revered private collection.

Hopefully De Vries enjoys his and puts it to good use writing to his new pen pal.

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