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Donald Trump has been left red-faced after he shared a clip from the TV show, Curb Your Enthusiasm that was actually mocking him and his supporters.

Late on Monday night, the president posted a short clip from the first episode of the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm in which star and creator Larry David is harassed by an angry biker who he had almost ran over.

When trying to apologise for the incident, David puts on a 'Make America Great Again' cap that he had in the car with him.

As soon as the biker sees it the confrontation dissipates, presumably because he is a Trump supporter and wouldn't want to get into a fight with someone who shares his political ideology.

Trump shared the clip in a tweet and also wrote in capital letters 'TOUGH GUYS FOR TRUMP.'

The president, who has almost definitely not seen this episode of Curb will probably regret posting this as the clip is in no way supportive of him.

In the episode, David takes the bold but hilarious option of wearing the MAGA hat as a way of avoiding people that he doesn't want to interact with.

Miraculously it works and also succeeds in helping him avoid confrontations as seen in the above clip. At one point in the episode, David also calls it a "people repellent."

To prove that this just isn't a version of the character that David plays on the show, the comedy legend was asked about the MAGA hats joke by Michael Kay in an interview about the new HBO season at 92Y in New York.

Kay was curious if David would alienate any Trump fans that might have enjoyed his work before the episode aired. David's simple response was:

Go, alienate, you have my blessing! Go and alienate yourselves. You have my blessing. No, I couldn't give a f**k!

Trump's tweet is already likely to go down in history as one of his most embarrassing moments and many of the replies are pointing out just how badly he has owned himself.

This is not the first time that Trump and David have interacted.

The two New Yorkers who are of a similar age shared a stage in 2015 when Trump hosted Saturday Night Live and David called him 'a racist.'

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