Westlife respond to claims a CIA programme used their music as a torture method

Westlife respond to claims a CIA programme used their music as a torture method

A federal lawsuit in the US has been launched against two men who are alleged to have designed a "torture programme" for the CIA.

Among other accusations in the case launched by the American Civil Liberties Union, one former captive claims the programme included methods like inserting a spout into suspects' rectums, keeping them in darkened rooms for extended periods and making them listen to the Westlife song "My Love" interspersed with heavy metal for hours on end.

In response to the Westlife claim, one member of the Irish boyband took to a radio chat-show in his homeland to voice his complete lack of surprise.

Speaking on the Eoghan McDermott Show, Kian Egan said:

You know, it's a pretty annoying song to be played over and over again... It was probably very successful, come on..! It probably only took two hours to crack the poor guy.

Referring to the two psychologists who designed the interrogation programme, Steven Watt, a senior staff attorney with the ACLU human rights programme, alleged in a statement:

They claimed that their programme was scientifically based, safe, and proven, when in fact it was none of those things. The program was unlawful and its methods barbaric.

Psychology is a healing profession, but Mitchell and Jessen violated the ethical code of 'do no harm' in some of the most abhorrent ways imaginable.


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