Journalist goes viral explaining why we shouldn't feel sorry for Germany's World Cup exit

Journalist goes viral explaining why we shouldn't feel sorry for Germany's World Cup exit
Germany crash out of World Cup despite 4-2 defeat of Costa Rica

German football is in the worst state it’s been in for decades.

They were kicked out of the World Cup in the group stages for the second successive tournament, they’re missing a standout goalscorer and they’re very much a side in transition.

But according to one Pakistani journalist, we absolutely should not be feeling sorry for them.

Writer Ahmer Naqvi has gone viral after dissecting Germany’s recent exit from the tournament in no uncertain terms.

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According to Naqvi, the German side is responsible for squashing more World Cup dreams than any other nation - and they're the "angel of death" of football.

“I’ll take us back in history a bit, right,” he says, before listing all the great footballing nations that were kicked out of the World Cup after losing to Germany.

He begins with the great Hungary side of 1954, featuring Ferenc Puskas. Despite being “considered one of the greatest sides of all time”, they lost out to West Germany.

The journalist then spoke about Johan Cruyff’s iconic 1974 Netherlands side, known for its pioneering concept of total football. Again, they were knocked out by West Germany.

He went on to speak about 1982 and France’s ‘golden square’ side, known for playing with four in midfield - beaten by Germany in the semi-final. In the same tournament Germany and Austria also ensured that Algeria were knocked out, ending the first ever chance of an African side progressing to the second round.

Naqvi described Germany as football's "angel of death"Getty/Veed.IO

Naqvi also referenced West Germany’s win over Diego Maradona’s Argentina in 1990, ending South Korea’s hopes in 2002, beating England’s ‘golden generation’ in 2010 and their thumping 7-1 win against Brazil in 2014.

“Don’t have any sympathy for this team… If football was a video game, [Germany] would be the final boss… I will bring out the world’s smallest violin,” he adds.

The clip went down a storm with social media users, with one commenting: “I couldn’t give a monkeys about football but this is absolute solid gold entertainment and storytelling.”

Another said: "’World's smallest violin for Germany.’ What a recap.”

“Can never get tired of watching this,” one more wrote.

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