This 20-second clip of two boys at a baseball game will give you more hope than Trump has in two whole years

These are bleak times. Politics has rarely felt as divisive on either side of the Atlantic and Donald Trump seems to stumble from one racism storm to the next without so much as an apology. Hope is in short supply.

A video has emerged from a baseball game that provides at least one reason to be cheerful.

After a foul ball lands in the stands, two children chase after it hoping for a memento of their day the ball game. When one gets there first, one half expects carnage to ensue. Instead, what follows is a moment to give us all hope for the future.

Whitney Houston believed children are our future and she might just have been right. The boy who reaches the ball simply decides to hand it over to the other lad in an extraordinary act of kindness adults would rarely be capable of.

Racial division in America is tragically a consistent part of the daily conversation, one that is often perpetuated by the president who often seems unwilling to tackle the issues head on. It can be easy to let this sway your view of the future, but don't let it. There are a lot of young people out there, like these two, who see through it and don't see kindness as a weakness.

The commentators are clearly blown away and so are we.

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