Boris Johnson wore an England rugby jersey in an interview and people are not happy

Depending on when you are reading this England might have very well won the Rugby World Cup, or they have been defeated by South Africa.

Either way, the team's efforts over the past few months have enthralled the nation, including it seems Boris Johnson, who, after all, is no stranger to rugby.

Of course, the prime minister is more than entitled to offer his support to the team and he'd definitely do the same if Wales or Scotland were in the final too.

However, he may have taken things a step too far when he decided to speak to ITV News while wearing an England rugby jersey, which immediately ranks up there as one of his worst looks ever.

Not only is this a terrible look for the prime minister, he has also seemingly forgotten that he is the leader of the United Kingdom and not just England, and this unbiased patriotism has annoyed quite a few folks.

In addition, people just don't like Boris Johnson trying to interject himself into a major sporting event. The same happened in the 2018 football world cup and the same has happened here.

Also, does he actually know what he's talking about?

If there is one good thing we can take from this it's that we can look forward to seeing some popped collars on the election campaign.

In the interest of fairness, former Rugby Union star, Brian Moore, who had earlier told Johnson to 'f**k off' also did the same to Jeremy Corbyn.

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