Jess Phillips just pointed out the obvious problem with Boris Johnson's Tory tagline

Andy Gregory
Wednesday 30 October 2019 10:45
(Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty/Twitter)

After a dozen stunning defeats in the Commons and two court rulings against him, Boris Johnson has finally united both sides of the political spectrum with just three words.

#BritainDeservesBetter – the prime minister wrote, as news broke of a December general election.

While of course he was referring to “parliament and Jeremy Corbyn”, who have “blocked everything”, after nearly a decade of Tory rule and growing discontent many could relate to the slogan, just not in the way Johnson would have liked.

Jess Phillips in particular felt this was a Conservative Party slogan she could get behind. The Labour MP wrote on Twitter:

The absolute bantz of the Tories using the tag line #BritainDeservesBetter after being in Government for 9 years. You're not wrong lads.

Ms Phillips wasn't alone in endorsing the message.

Some even suggested this could be the Tory's election campaign slogan.

Beyond the obvious, there are other problems with this slogan.

It was New Labour's slogan in the landslide 1997 election - the Conservatives' worst defeat in 91 years.

More recently, the Liberal Democrats have been using the phrase - typically with the words “than Boris Johnson” tacked onto the end.

While a Conservative Party spokesperson neither confirmed nor denied that the phrase was being considered as an official election tagline, the prime ministers use of the term certainly raised a lot of eyebrows, with people offering up their own suggestions.

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