Patrick Mahomes' fiancée and younger brother are turning people against the Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes' fiancée and younger brother are turning people against the Chiefs
Kansas City bar destroys Jackson Mahomes: 'We'll survive your ego'
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With 13 seconds left in Sunday's game, Kansas City Chief's star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, threw the ball downfield to allow his side to tie the score against the Buffalo Bills. Then in overtime, a lucky coin toss gave the Chiefs possession, allowing them to score the winning touchdown.

It was a good day to be a Chief's fan. Yet, people still rolled their eyes as Mahomes walked off the field to meet his family- young brother, Jackson Mahomes, and fiancée, Brittany Matthews.

The heat against the younger Mahomes and Matthews is a bit superficial - most people chalk it up to the two just being annoying on social media. But there's no shortage of roasts for the two.

Self-proclaimed "public figure", Jackson Mahomes, is known for his dance TikToks. At every Chief's game, you can count on him to make a video.

How bout them chiefsssss


How bout them chiefsssss

How bout them chiefsssss

People aren't too thrilled about the younger Mahomes' affinity for TikTok dances.

His TikToks did land him in some hot water earlier this year. The 21-year-old made a video, unknowingly, dancing on the memorial of Sean Taylor, which he later apologized for on Twitter.

Brittany Matthews, Patrick Mahomes' high school sweetheart-turned-fiancée, often posts her passion for the Kansas City Chiefs via social media, which some don't find endearing.

Matthews can often be seen sporting elaborate yellow or red outfits on the field.

During Sunday's game, Matthews sprayed fans with a bottle of champagne in celebration of the Chief's wins, which people found to be inconsiderate or inappropriate. Matthews defended herself on Twitter saying she was only celebrating the win.

While many don't agree with Matthews or Jackson Mahomes' use of social media. Internet jokes have turned into full-blown hate. In early January, an NFL fan yelled anti-gay slurs at Jackson Mahomes, despite the 21-year-old confirming he was straight.

Matthews took to her social media this week to express her frustration with the constant hate she receives on social media.

Many are wondering where Patrick Mahomes' is while his younger brother and fiancée are consistently getting backlash. The answer is trying to carry his team to the Superbowl in two weeks.

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