Erin Safran

Never meet your heroes. Especially if they're wearing 'Gucci mustard'.

One moment it all seems nice. Then the next moment: tragedy. The merciless social scythe that is the crop tool clefts your dreams in twain.

Last week Erin Safran, a fan of Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) Conor McGregor was delighted when she ran into him in New York City.

She and her brother posed for a photo with McGregor, and posted it onto Instagram.

A heart warming moment for all fans.

On Saturday McGregor became the first person to hold multiple UFC division titles.

However his take down of Eddie Alvarez to win the accolade was only slightly more visceral than his response to Safran.

At first she would have been delighted to see McGregor had posted her photo on his own Instagram account.

Before she saw he'd cropped her out of it...

We've all decided an image was profile worthy, but sometimes you want all the glory for yourself.

McGregor probably didn't mean it as a snub to his fans.

Also his solo post has 408,000 more likes, so, the court of public opinion has spoken.

His caption 'Gucci mustard' clearly sold it.

Safran told Buzzfeed she wasn't phazed by the breach of internet etiquette.

I wasn’t sad or embarrassed at all, I was happy enough he screenshotted my own pic and took time to crop me out...

I’m glad he really liked that photo of himself. Cropped or uncropped, I love him.

Having said that, Safran has also had her own eye for an eye measured retaliation.

She captioned the image with a famous McGregor quote.

I never expected it and it’s been such a fun experience.

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