The awkward moment when Piers Morgan asked Trump to become Arsenal's next manager

Breaking news in the world of sport this morning as the stalwart Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has announced he will be leaving his post at the end of the current football season.

The Frenchman has been in charge of the North London club for the last 22 years, but a dip in form in recent years and growing unrest among fans has prompted him to call it day.

One of his biggest critics is the outspoken television presenter and journalist Piers Morgan, who has been firmly on the #WengerOut bandwagon for years and years.

In fact, most of his Twitter output is expressing his disdain for Wenger.

His hatred of Wenger almost reached ridiculous proportions earlier this year when he interviewed President Donald Trump on ITV.

Morgan, who is a friend of the controversial POTUS, asked him at the end of their discussion if he would consider replacing Wenger in the hot seat at the Emirates stadium.

Morgan approached the issue with this opening gambit:

We've been going through a rough patch for a long period of time and people think it's time for a change leadership.

Morgan is then thrown an Arsenal shirt with 'Trump 45' on the back. A bewildered Trump, whose son Barron is an Arsenal fan, can only reply with "oh... it looks good".

Morgan then gives maybe the most cringe-worthy sell in the history of anything:

We're looking for a new leader who has an attacking philosophy, who believes in a strong defensive wall, who believes in winning at all costs and only want's big trophies.

Trump, who probably has little to no interest in football does attempt to entertain Morgan's offer by making small talk about the sport.

Morgan then asks if Trump is an Arsenal fan, to which he replies "Not particularly, no." Morgan responds with "Don't kill the dream Mr President."

You could almost hear Morgan's heart tearing in two at that very moment, while Arsenal fans and critics of Trump and Morgan screamed with glee.

Incidentally, now that the big day has finally arrived, it's almost as if Morgan doesn't know how to feel, judging by this rather meek tweet.

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