Baseball season is back in the United States and it was Dr Athony Fauci, the physician who is currently serving as a member of Donald Trump's coronavirus task face, who was the person to throw the first pitch of the game.

While it is a tradition in professional baseball for a celebrity or notable figure to throw the first pitch, it's safe to say that Fauci's won't be remembered as one of the best (that honour goes to Simone Biles).

Fauci, who is a Washington Nationals fan, threw the pitch ahead of his team's game with the New York Yankees in the new season but his talents are clearly best left in the medical world as he couldn't have been much wider of the mark.

However, Fauci seemed to take it in his stride and appeared to be having a good time even if he did just embarrass himself in front of millions of people.

That being said, many pointed out that perhaps Fauci was so concerned about the catcher getting coronavirus that he threw the ball as far away from him as he could.

Or maybe it was just a metaphor for the entire year...

However, this assessment from a sports doctor doesn't sound good at all.

Fauci has become something of an icon during the pandemic.

While opponents of the president have praised him for calling out and standing up to Trump's nonsense, others, including the president himself have been critical of the mostly sensible advice that he has been handing out.

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