Why Ched Evans should not be allowed to return to Sheffield United

Convicted rapist Ched Evans was this morning released from prison after serving half of his five year sentence.

The 25-year-old former Sheffield United striker is expected to make a "personal and profound" statement on his website next week and he has maintained his innocence throughout.

Until then, Women's Aid has urged his former club not to allow him to return. The boss of Sheffield United, Nigel Clough, has reportedly held talks with officials about the possibility of him being allowed to play football with them again.

This is what Polly Neate, the chief executive of Women's Aid had to say on the matter:

Sheffield United have to take responsibility for their response to the Ched Evans case, as a football club which is both an employer and a high profile brand. They have a significant leadership role in their community and there is no excuse for ignorance where violence against women and girls is concerned. Many employers would not wish to re-employ a convicted rapist in a high-profile position, because of the potential reputational risk and the message it sends out to others. While we would always support the principle of rehabilitating offenders, and encouraging those who have served their time to reintegrate back into society, an important element of rehabilitation is remorse and taking responsibility, which has not happened in this situation.

We know that football clubs play an important role in our communities for shaping the future, and we can help them to respond appropriately to the sexist attitudes that underpin the abuse of women and girls and that are used to excuse crimes such as the rape committed by Ched Evans.

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