Jake Paul breaks silence on 'absurd' rules for Mike Tyson fight

Jake Paul breaks silence on 'absurd' rules for Mike Tyson fight
Jake Paul faces up to Mike Tyson in new trailer for Netflix …

Jake Paul’s fight against Mike Tyson is the most talked-about boxing event of the year, and there’s already been a huge amount of speculation regarding the rules.

After it was announced, heavyweight boxer Derek Chisora claimed that the fight would involve protective headgear and heavier gloves, which sparked ridicule.

Speaking to Radio Rahim, Chisora said: “I know for a fact they are using 18oz gloves and head guards. So we’re watching a sparring match. It’s a f***ing joke. You think I’m paying to watch that?”

TikTokers soon followed suit, with creator More Pickem Petey repeating the claims.

However, one of the promoters involved – Nakisa Bidarian who is a business partner of Paul’s with Most Valuable Promotions – recently rubbished the claim about the headgear.


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Now, Paul himself has hit out at the rumours, calling them “absurd”.

Dismissing them in no uncertain terms, he said: “It’s so sad that millions of people believe that.”

Speaking on the BS w/ Jake Paul podcast, he added: “It’s f***ing absurd. First of all, obviously, none of that’s true… They’re so f***ing stupid. Anyone who believes that sh*t should not be allowed to vote.”

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“It’s sad. We live in a f***ed up world. Humans are getting more and more stupid every single day. It’s crazy, bro.”

Paul, 27, is facing Tyson in a fight that will be streamed on Netflix on July 20. By the time the fight takes place, Tyson will be 58.

The fight is coming to Netflix pay-per-view and takes place at the 80,000-seat capacity AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, home of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys.

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