Japanese football team goes viral with ‘unorthodox’ free kick routine

Japanese football team goes viral with ‘unorthodox’ free kick routine

A Japanese football team’s unusual free kick routine involving them doing the “ring-a-ring-o’-roses” dance has gone viral online.

The football team from Takagawa Gakuen High School in Hofu, Japan took on the set piece with a brand new approach that has delighted football fans.

In a clip posted online, five members of the attacking team can be seen holding hands going around in a circle on the edge of the penalty box while they await the free kick to come in from the right.

Seconds before the free kick is taken, they break apart and make their individual runs inside the box to confuse the opposition’s defenders.

The set-piece routine, though unusual, was successful as one of the players headed it in from the 6-yard box.

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Sports enthusiast and businessman Dave Phillips reposted the clip on Twitter, writing: “In the history of unorthodox free-kick routines, Ring-a-Ring o Roses is a new one.

“Bravo, Takagawa Gakuen High School.”

The clip has been viewed almost 2 million times and many have praised the novel technique.

One person said: “Dayum. Creative, cheeky, effective. Love it!”

Another Twitter user commented: “It makes a whole lot of sense.”

Someone else joked: “Pep Guardiola could never.”

One person also described it as “instantly iconic” and others hope we’ll be seeing it in the Premier League soon.

Here’s hoping some Premier League coaches are taking notes.

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