A journalist thought it was a good idea to ask Warren Gatland how he felt after Wales' defeat. It was not

Following their late defeat to South Africa in the Rugby World Cup quarter-finals on Saturday afternoon, Wales coach Warren Gatland and captain Sam Warburton faced the world's media.

Breaking the ice in a press conference can be a tough task for a reporter - particularly when the interview subject has just narrowly lost in the biggest tournament in the sport.

But it's fair to say that the man who opened the questioning after Wales's 23-19 defeat at Twickenham on Saturday didn't exactly warm himself to Gatland.

Here's how the exchange played out:


Warren, can you just sum up your emotions after that?


That's a dumb question. How do you think we are? We're absolutely gutted. I'm proud of the performance of the guys but y'know, ask me about my emotions? That's not what I want to really talk about.


HT BBC Sport

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