Olympian's 'play-doh' legs caused by deadly infection horrifies TikTok

Olympian's 'play-doh' legs caused by deadly infection horrifies TikTok
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An Olympic athlete has left people horrified after sharing a video of his “play-doh” legs caused by a skin infection.

The former NFL player and British Olympian Lawrence Okoye shared horrifying footage of his malleable legs in a TikTok clip that has been viewed more than 8.5 million times.

In the video, track and field athlete Okoye could be seen pressing his thumb into the skin on his legs, which left a very noticeable indent.

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Okoye added a warning to the text overlay on the video, writing: “WARNING!! THIS IS NASTY!”

He began the clip by saying, “Looks like a normal leg, right? Watch this”, before proceeding to press a line of circular thumbprints into his leg that went deep into the skin and appeared to take a long time to go away.

Okoye continued: “It’s like I’m made out of play-doh.”


TikTok · Lawrence Okoye

In the comments, some TikTok users expressed concern for the Olympian and urged him to seek medical attention. Meanwhile, others made jokes about his plight.

One person urged: “That’s not good at all, water retention is something that you need to get seen for like now.”

Another said: “Bro you need the doctor fam.”

Someone else joked, “bro turned into memory foam”. Another commented he can “play connect the dots anywhere”.

In a follow-up clip, Okoye provided an update and explained that his “play-doh” legs were down to a condition called cellulitis that occurs when bacteria gets into a deep layer of your skin. He explained it came on a few weeks after he “smashed up” his legs.


#stitch with @Lawrence Okoye the explanation

Thankfully, Okoye revealed he is now completely back to normal.

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