Lucha Libre wrestling is returning to the UK for the first time since the Covid pandemic

Lucha Libre wrestling is returning to the UK for the first time since the Covid pandemic
Jam Press/Lucha Britannia

Lucha Libre wrestling is returning to the UK for the first time since the Covid pandemic.

Lucha Britannia features ‘fighters’ in stunning colourful costumes and elaborate facemasks, with every move painstakingly choreographed for an awestruck audience comprised of both art connoisseurs and wrestling fans.

Those lucky enough to secure tickets here for the April 27th event in London can expect a night of high-flying, high-energetic entertainment that guarantees action left, right and centre with four exhilarating face-offs.

The event will feature 15 wrestlers including iconic Lucha Britannia characters such as El Pirana and Britannico, along with new faces to be revealed on the night.

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Fans can also expect guest appearances from special guests at the ‘Wrestle Mexicana’ event hosted by Domino’s to mark the launch of its new Ultimate Chicken Mexicana pizza.

But there was a time when Lucha Britannia founder Garry Vanderhorne feared the British public would never get to see their show again.

Jam Press/Lucha Britannia

He said: “It actually makes me quite emotional.”

“The pandemic hit our passion for Lucha Libre wrestling so we’re all eagerly looking forward to bringing a night like no other in Shoreditch on Thursday 27th April.

“We’ve always had a love for the ring so being back after three years we couldn’t be more excited to bring Lucha Libre to the masses.

“Trust us, if you manage to bag a ticket, you’re in for a surprise and probably the best night of the year… but that’s just us being bias!"

Lucha Britannia is the largest wrestling school in Europe and hosts a hybrid of many wrestling styles.

Vanderhorne started the events in 2007 motivated by a need for a wrestling product in Britain.

While in the West the wrestling market is dominated by the WWE, he wanted to combine America’s love for storylines and characters with Mexican wrestling‘s high-octane aerial combat, so Lucha Britannia was born.

He added: “Lucha Britannia is all about my love of Mexican masks and Lucha libre wrestling, and we’re super thankful to Domino's for bringing this night together.

”Lucha is flamboyant and acrobatic but doesn’t often make sense in a storytelling way, whereas American wrestling is very much story-based and character-based.

“The main reason people enjoy watching wrestling is for entertainment and enjoyment, and Lucha Britannia is all about bringing high-energy action."

Jam Press/Lucha Britannia

And it has done wonders for Vanderhorne too.

He added: “Coming to wrestling, learning moves and being in the community, you get that extra confidence.

“When the crowd are shouting my name you get an adrenaline rush, and you walk down the street a bit taller, prouder and with a little extra love for life.

“It was a crowd at a wrestling show that taught me how to love who I am because they told me it’s ok to be me.”

As well as wrestling at the event, guests can expect a live DJ and pizza on the night. A host of celebrities and influencers are believed to be attending too.

It takes place on Thursday 27th April, from 7pm until 10pm at Village Underground, 54 Holywell Ln, London, EC2A 3PQ.

Tickets can be purchased for just £10, but you’ll have to be quick as there is limited availability.

Each ticket covers entry, 1x personal-sized Domino’s pizza and a soft or alcoholic drink of your choice.

The latest pizza to join Domino’s menus features brand-new ingredients including fragrant spiced pulled chicken, fiery green jalapenos, crunchy onions, and popping green & red peppers, and finished with a new spiced mayo drizzle to give pizza fans a real kick.

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