Are there more wheels or doors in the world? Internet clashes in ...

With everything that is going on the world, we all need a distraction and a pointless question to ponder and this week the world has been obsessed with one question: Are there more doors or wheels in the world?

It's a question that nobody has the actual answer to but it hasn't stopped people fiercely debating which of the two objects is the more dominant.

You would have only had to spend a few minutes on Twitter this week to see the debate raging and even celebrities, namely Tottenham Hotspur footballers getting into the debate now.

The Premier League side posted footage on Thursday of the squad getting into a very prolonged debate about the question with England captain Harry Kane getting very animated about the question.

The clip starts with defender Ben Davies asking the question to the camera and he seems to think doors but isn't as confident as Kane who is firmly in the doors camp who even admits that he counted how many doors are in his house and claims it was five times the amount of wheels.

The 28-year-old striker then asks Matt Doherty, who seems quite dumbfounded by the conundrum as Kane continues to make his case by pointing out just how many doors there are in the changing room where they are talking.

As Kane hypothesises that nearly every house in the world will have about 20-30 doors (cupboards included), Davies then throws a spanner into the mix by pointing out that lorries have around 18 wheels each.

Kane, Davies and Doherty then get South Korean forward Son Heung-min who controversially believes the answer is wheels but the other three make the case for doors.

Sadly the clip ends without a conclusion but we have to admire the Tottenham player's passion on this important subject.

Spurs haven't been the only team to get involved in the debate with Manchester City, Crystal Palace and Philadelphia Union all posting clips of their players pondering the question but without a conclusive answer.

The debate rages on.

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