Football legend Neville Southall schools Nigel Farage on Tory Britain on his own GB News show

Nigel Farage calls plans to change census questions 'a scandal'

Football legend Neville Southall has told Nigel Farage everything he needs to know about the state of Tory Britain.

Speaking on Farage's GB show, the former Wales international goalkeeper said the party doesn't do enough for vulnerable people and said Boris Johnson and Donald Trump were "dangerous".

Southall said: "I believe in looking after the most vulnerable and I think that's what any good country should be doing and we don’t seem to be doing it, we seem to be loading it on the top.

"We should be looking at the bottom of the rung and the most vulnerable people of our society should be treated with the greatest respect and dignity and helped so we don’t have that society.”

After Farage challenged him, he added: "The way we should be looking at society is how we treat the most vulnerable and at the moment we don’t treat them very well, do we? The electric has gone up, everything has gone up and what are they going to do for them?

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“Nothing. There’s going to be people dying this winter and there’ll be people in power that won’t give a monkey’s.”

He added: "I think, overall, when I look at what's in power at the moment, I think we've had the most dangerous people in the world, Boris Johnson, (Donald) Trump..." added Southall, before Farage interrupts, saying "They're not that bad, are they?"

"Yes they are," Southall said. "They are dangerous. Look what he's done to the country. Boris Johnson was always going to mess up."

He added it was wrong that parliamentarians couldn't call him out for "lying", appearing to reference when Dawn Butler was booted out of the commons last year.

He concluded: "I like people who look after the most vulnerable. And none of them do."

What a legend.

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