NFL cheerleader takes a knee during American national anthem

NFL cheerleader takes a knee during American national anthem

A cheerleader has followed the example set by NFL footballers by taking a knee during the playing of the American national anthem.

The as-yet unidentified woman was photographed taking the knee during the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders game on Thursday evening.

Twitter user Lenny Harrold, who was in attendance at the game, snapped a picture of the moment, which soon went viral after he shared it on social media.

NBC reported Damian Trujillo also captured a picture of the cheerleader taking the knee.

The 49ers, who the cheerleader was representing have not released a comment about her stance although it is believed that she is the first cheerleader to make this type of protest.

On social media, the image has provoked a mixed response, which has been a consistent theme throughout the entire 'taking the knee' saga.

Footballers began taking the knee in 2016, a trend that was started by Colin Kaepernick, whilst he was playing for the 49ers, as a protest against police brutality and violence towards black people in the United States.

This became a national talking point with even Donald Trump giving his thoughts on the situation.

Eventually, the NFL imposed a rule stating the players would be fined for taking the knee but that only last two months following opposition to the ruling.

As Mashable reports many of those players who initially took the knee no longer do so and Kaepernick currently remains without a team, despite being the face of a major Nike ad campaign.

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