Nigel Farage called ‘hypocrite’ after labelling England footballers stance against racism ‘divisive’

<p>Nigel Farage had plenty to say about England footballers taking the knee</p>

Nigel Farage had plenty to say about England footballers taking the knee

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Nigel Farage has branded England manager Gareth Southgate and his players as “divisive” for taking the knee before matches, in the fight against racism.

During the recent international friendlies, sadly, some England fans have been booing the players for doing this.

Southgate has spoken out against this behaviour and reiterated his stance on the matter, saying: ““We are determined more than ever to take a knee in this tournament.”

While supporters ranging from former England footballers to celebrities, and journalists condemned the so-called fans that were booing, and shared their support for the team.

Twitter has seen a lot of people share their thoughts on the issue with the majority England fans showing their support for the team on the important issue.

That being said, Twitter is a polarising place and we all know one man who loves to inject himself into a politicised problem - Nigel Farage.

The former Brexit Party leader tweeted that manager Southgate “doesn’t seem to understand that the BLM movement is not only Marxist but divisive too.”

Apparently, Farage hadn’t expressed his opinion enough, and proceeded a video online sharing declaring, “Gareth Southgate is out of touch with England fans.”

He argued that fans “have a right to boo” and described that taking the knee was for “Marxist BLM.”

“Let’s keep football out of politics this summer,” said the politician talking about football.

Many online were quick to point out Farage’s hypocrisy at calling Southgate and the England players “divisive” as Farage has probably been one of the most divisive politicians in UK politics when it came to Brexit.

While others were confused at Farage labelling the Black Lives Matter movement as “Marxist,” as footballers are among the highest-paid people in the country.

The UEFA Euro 2020 tournament begins on Friday, June 11, and England’s first match is against Croatia on Sunday, June 13.

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