On Tuesday evening, Fallon Sherrock became the first women to ever beat a man in the PDC World Darts championship.

The 25-year-old from Milton Keynes bested Ted Evetts by 3 sets to 2, in a stunning comeback, to qualify for the next round of the knockout tournament held every year at Alexandra Palace.

Sherrock who is only the fifth woman to ever compete at the competition became an instant internet hero after her victory with many singing her praises.

However, whenever a woman achieves anything of note there is always a group of men who think that they can do better.

Remember when eight men thought they could win a single point against Serena Williams? Yeah, that didn't go too well, did it?

Unfortunately the same has already happened to Sherrock. During an appearance on Good Morning Britain, she participated in a very short game of darts against that great champion of women's rights; Piers Morgan.

The game involved them simply throwing three darts at the board and whoever got the highest score won. Sherrock, possibly attempting to go easy on Morgan, threw 41 which, in fairness, isn't the highest score.

A gleeful Morgan responded to that score by saying:

I've got a chance here. I could do this with one dart. Treble 20. Men's pride restored. Here we go.

He threw 22...

Needless to say, he wasn't too happy.

We don't always enjoy revelling in someone's misfortune but when it's Piers Morgan we would be more than happy to watch this at least 180 more times.

Thankfully, it looked like everyone was friends by the end of things.

Morgan has even agreed to donate £1000 to the National Autistic Society as a result of his loss.

HT Good Morning Britain

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