Serena Williams took to Centre Court on Saturday, hoping to beat Simona Halep to clinch her eighth Wimbledon singles title.

The American tennis star was beaten in two sets, but had she succeeded she would have joined current record-holder Margaret Court in having won more Grand Slams than any other tennis player in history, male or female.

Despite the result, a staggering 12 per cent of British men believe that given the chance to challenge her to a game they could score a point against her, according to a YouGov poll of 1,732 adults, published before Saturday's contest.

This sat in comparison to three per cent of women who said the same.

The 23-time Grand Slam winner has been known to serve at 128.6 miles per hour.

While she could technically double fault, granting her opponent a point in this hypothetical game, the question is more framed to ask respondents if they think they could actively win a point.

Anyone looking to analyse the motivations driving those still hoping for a no-deal Brexit need look no further than this stunning mix of optimism and delusion.

Twitter had a field day.

Framing it like this makes the poll results seem even more astounding.

Or not so much...

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