Robbi Jade Lew challenges Garrett Adelstein to poker game after cheating claims go viral

Robbi Jade Lew challenges Garrett Adelstein to poker game after cheating claims go viral
Garrett ‘Gman’ Adelstein and Robbi Jade Lew during televised World Poker Tour …
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A cheating allegation that has rocked the world of professional poker has escalated after the player deemed to have cheated challenged her accuser to a match.

On Friday an incident from a World Poker Tour event went viral after Garrett Adelstein lost an all-in hand against Robbie Jade Lew, who also went all-in despite having a significantly pooer hand.

Adelstein had an eight and a seven while Lew only had a Jack and four. When Adelstein called all-in he had a decent chance of achieving a flush but blanked despite the river being run twice. This gave Lew a default victory but virtue of having the Jack, which was the highest card.

Even the commentators questioned why Lew decided to go all-in on the hand despite having very little chance of winning, even though she did prevail.

The cheating accusations came very shortly afterwards with the two players exchanging words at the table before Lew agreed to give Adelstein back the chips that he had just lost.

Adelstein has since posted a lengthy statement on Twitter about the incident and also claimed that he did not threaten her and that she may have had some sort of vibrating device in her pocket. The claims are reportedly being investigated by the casino where it happened.

In the aftermath, Lew has challenged Adelstein to a one-on-one match. She tweeted on Friday: "Garrett, I’ve got an idea. After I’m vindicated, let’s go heads up. The whole world can watch me read you all day."

Adelstein does appear to have somewhat accepted the challenge, writing in a tweet on Saturday: "Only right I accept her HU4ROLLZ while retweeting Doug."

'HU4ROLLZ' is a term often used by poker players when they challenge each other to play heads-up for their entire bankroll.

It remains to be seen if this face-off will actually happen but there is huge interest in this feud so don't be surprised if it happens in the near future.

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