Radio host poops his pants on air then shows off the mess

Radio host poops his pants on air then shows off the mess
Sports radio host Shaun Morash poops his pants on air after laughing …
The D.A. Show, CBS Sports Radio

A sports radio host laughed so hard at a joke that he ended up pooping his pants on air - and then showed his co-hosts the proof.

On CBS Sports' the "D.A. Show," Shaun Morash was discussing with host Damon Amendolara and others a strange hypothetical scenario involving mascot Phillie Phanatic and professional baseball players.

“It would be like the [Phillie] Phanatic taking a number 2 on Mike Schmidt’s chest — you just don’t do it," Morash said, prompting laughter from his co-hosts.

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But that wasn't the end of the joke as Amendeolara couldn't get the image of "Phillie Phanatic squatting over Mike Schmidt who is laying on his back like a turtle," out of his head.

There was one particular part where the radio hosts lost it as Amendeolara quipped: "That's what the Phanatic does, you know he shoots hot dogs into the stands, takes dumps on your chest..."

Turns out talking about taking a dump quickly became a reality for Morash who fell to the floor in laughter - but laughed a little too hard as he declared: “I just went in my pants."

Morash then removed his earphones as he ran to the bathroom.

Upon his return to the show, when asked how he was doing after the poopcident, Morash simply replied: "A lot of paper towels."

“I don’t even know [what to say]. I can’t even look you guys in the eye right now," Morasha said, as he continued to look down.

"I laughed too hard up, and friction down, and luckily it wasn’t, you know, mega poundage. Just a little wet."

"Honestly, I’m ashamed right now. I was kind of hoping I’d come back and you guys were midway through the update," Morash added.

He then showed the damage caused to the back of his pants to his co-hosts who yelled: "Oh my God!" at the sight before them.

Later on, Morash appeared on "BetMGM Tonight" where he revealed he has a pair of underwear in his bag in case of emergencies like this.

“I'm here as a voice for the voiceless. Don’t be afraid to admit if you make in your pants,” he said. “There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s the human body.”

Morash himself took to Twitter where he shared the clip and joked: "My mother can't make it 3 aisles into a Stop and Shop run. I blame her."

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