Do you remember Ryan Babel? If not, let us remind you who he is.

He played for Liverpool after being bought for £11.5 million in 2007, and was sold for £8 million, four seasons and 12 Premier League goals later.

He currently plays in the Arabian Gulf League with champions Al Ain FC and has received 43 caps for the Netherlands.

He's back in the news after deciding to tell a female fan who tweeted him, to, and we quote, “grow some tits instead of speaking about football”.

Babel doled out the insult to @Shannxo who tweeted to him about his comments on Real Madrid manager, and his old boss at Liverpool, Rafael Benitez.

Why you hate him so much? He’s manager of Real Madrid while you beg your Twitter followers to add you on Whatsapp.

Babel then went on another rant:

At least let your brother or your boyfriend make the comment then we can argue…

Not gonna argue with a lil girl, with all the respect.. C'mon now

No treats, just saying...

Not when I say something what u not expect, all of a sudden I should be a professional and a role model... Nah..

"fans" been calling me names over the years and I should see that as a supporter? Nahh.. Just as human as you are kid.

And the funny part of this all... These same internet trolls would ask me for a picture in real life? Really Ninja?

His comments were criticised by other Twitter users, but Babel has yet to issue any further comment on the tweets.

In 2011 Babel was fined £10,000 for posting a photo of Howard Webb online, photoshopped into a Manchester United shirt, after Liverpool lost at Old Trafford.

Stay classy, Ryan!

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