Welterweight UFC fighter Mike Perry has come under fire for mimicking a Native American in a promo video.

To promote his upcoming fight with 'Cowboy' Donald Cerrone on 10 November, Perry donned a headdress and face paint and pretended to 'hunt' his opponent.

The 27-year-old fighter also makes stereotypical noises often associated with Native Americans and also fires an arrow at a 'Wanted' poster of Cerrone.

Although UFC fighters are no strangers at going to extreme lengths to promote their fights, this particular stunt appears to have backfired on Perry.

Perry, who has previously declared that he is allowed to say the 'N-word' because he is "two per cent African", isn't afraid to flirt with controversy outside the Octagon.

Despite the backlash, he doesn't seem phased and put out this defiant tweet in response to a direct piece of criticism from a Twitter user, claiming that it is 'Halloween' and 'not offensive'.

HT New York Post

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