Washington Football Team to announce new name: These are our 10 best suggestions

Washington Football Team to announce new name: These are our 10 best suggestions
Washington Football Team To Reveal New Name on February 2
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The Washington Football Team is gearing up to announce its new name on February 2nd and we have some pretty good guesses as to what that may be.

The team, formerly known as the very problematic Washington Redskins, decided to change its name in July 2020 after decades of criticism for the anti-indigenous name. For nearly two years the team has been going by the very dull Washington Football Team but after February 2nd, the team will have a new name and logo.

Some of the more likely guesses to the team's name have been the Washington Commanders, the Washington Brigade, or the Washington Defenders.

But we think the team has room to get creative. Hailing from Washington D.C., here are some other options for the team name.

1. Washington Gridlocks

What's more D.C. than gridlock? Between Congress and then traffic we think this name would encompass everything Washington is about.

2. Washington Q's

Since the January 6 insurrection, Q-Anon, the right-wing extremist conspiracy group, has been a major part of the Washington D.C. rhetoric. Why not add it to the sports team?

3. Washington Swamp Monsters

An ode to former president Donald Trump.

4. Washington Monuments

Picture this: the mascot is a tall obelisk named "George".

5. Washington Whistleblowers

We do need more whistleblowers in Washington, might as well make a team of them.

6. Washington DCs

Why complicate things? Keep it simple.

7. Washington Presidents

Nothing encompasses DC more than the president. There would be no mistaking where the presidents are from.

8. Washington Monarchs

So you didn't like the Washington Presidents? What about monarchs. English monarchs did rule over DC at one point in time; 1776 wasn't that long ago.

9. Washington Football Players

People don't seem to mind the current Washington Football Team name but they are expecting a change. Enter the Washington Football Players.

10. Washington Lone Stars

You don't think the Dallas Cowboys would mind right?

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