Clubs who finished behind ‘big six’ claim league title in jibe at Super League

Wolverhampton Wanderers
Wolverhampton Wanderers
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Premier League clubs who once finished the season just behind the so-called big six have declared themselves champions in a mocking jibe towards the European Super League founders.

The highly controversial Super League plans have raised the prospect of Arsenal Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham being kicked out of the Premier League as a sanction over their involvement.

Spotting an opportunity from what this change could mean, Wolverhampton Wanderers – who finished seventh behind the six clubs in 2019 – added the line “Premier League Champions 2018/19” to their Twitter account.

“It’s probably too late for a parade,” Wolves tweeted.

Not wanting to miss out on a possible trophy, Southampton, who finished seventh on the heels of the big six in 2014/15, followed the Wanderers’ lead and declared themselves the victor in that season.

“On behalf of the 2014/15 champions, we would like to extend our congratulations to you,” tweeted the Saints.

The teasing is the latest in a series of humorous jibes at the Super League – a breakaway tournament which would see the establishment of a ‘closed league’, without the threat of relegation for the 12 founding members.

The plans have drawn ire and ridicule from across sports, social media and politics – with Doncaster Council proclaiming themselves to be a part of a “European Super League of Councils”.

“We are delighted to announce we are one of the founding members of the ‘#EuropeanSuperLeague of Councils,” tweeted the local council.

“We have signed up alongside Barcelona Council, Milan Council and Handforth Parish Council to this elite group.”

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