World Cup 2018: Move over Neymar, Kyle Walker has inspired the latest online trend

Mimi Launder
Wednesday 11 July 2018 09:30
(Twitter / @kylerwalker2 ; Twitter / @SimonJMarriott)

As the World Cup whittles teams down to the final two, only the best memes also remain.

Brazilian star Neymar and his meme, where people dramatically dive to the ground gripping their face in apparent injury, is yesterday's news.

But thankfully, we've got a new online tend to fill the gaps between football matches, all thanks to England defended Kyle Walker.

It all started when Walker jokingly tweeted an image showing himself collapsing into a recovery position for cramp, while the rest of his team celebrated the winning penalty over Colombia to take them to the quarter-final.

Guys, he's still stuck there.

He asked Twitter to join him, so he wasn't all alone with his legs stuck in the air.

People were happy to oblige and the #Kyling began.

You can get #Kyling anywhere.

Kate Garraway one-upped everyone and did the challenge with a Gareth Southgate waistcoat.

Not to disappoint their star in defence, Manchester City got involved.

It even crosses the boundaries between sports.

Though tended to stay within football...

Some people doubted its claim to cramp recovery.

But even dogs showed their support.

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