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Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr has become the new punchline to a lighthearted joke online.

The #NeymarChallenge is quickly sweeping the internet.

How does it work? Fans yell Neymar's name at the top of their lungs, a little like 'The floor is laval!' and other fans immediately dive to the ground dramatically, feigning an injury.

During the World Cup, Neymar has appeared to execute the move on numerous occasions, with people calling him out for trying to draw sympathy or a penalty kick.

And well, the move has become a fan favourite...

It's...getting quite a bit of traction online...

It's even on TV...

On the radio...

...In stores...

It's everywhere

Even animals are doing the #NeymarChallenge...


You know who probably won't be doing the Neymar challenge anymore?


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