The World Cup's hottest players: From Cho Gue-sung to Marcus Rashford

The World Cup's hottest players: From Cho Gue-sung to Marcus Rashford
World Cup: Round of 16 preview

The 2022 Qatar World Cup has been incredibly entertaining. But another thing that has caught viewers' attention is just how hot the players are.

With their well-sculpted bodies, enticing smiles, and moments of mischievously playful behavior, people can't help but swoon.

And to fulfill those fantasies, we compiled a list of nine of the "hottest" players to grace the tournament.

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Cho Gue-sung (South Korea)

If you've been scrolling social media platforms like TikTok and Twitter, you may have come across Cho Gue-sung, also dubbed "The World's Sexiest player."

Playing for Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, he became a hero for the country after scoring two goals in Korea's loss to Ghana.

And even though South Korea left the World Cup on Monday after a 4-1 defeat against Brazil, he still lives on in the hearts of his admirers worldwide, which is reflected in his social media following.

Before the tournament, he had roughly 20,000 followers on Instagram, and now he has 2.5 million followers and counting, with fans expressing their love for him and proposing marriage.

Apparently, Cho received so many messages that he had to turn his phone off.

Rodrigo de Paul (Argentina)

A lot of people on the internet are weak at the knees after coming across the midfielder's photos.

Many would say he has a body that looks like it was crafted by the gods themselves and a smile that's equally charming.

He's also Lionel Messi's unofficial bodyguard on the field, which indicates he's probably very protective of those he cares about.

Olivier Giroud (France)

Olivier Giroud is a striker for the Serie A club AC Milan and the France national team who is not just known for his looks but his strength and goal-scoring ability, to name a couple.

But despite his talents, he is also known for making mischievous and silly faces during the games.

Who doesn't love a fun personality?!

Marcus Rashford (England)

With his chiseled body, charm and humanitarian spirit, the Manchester striker definitely catches people's eyes.

Since 2020, he's been an ambassador to FareShare, an organisation that works to help fight against hunger in the countries' vulnerable communities.

Neymar Jr (Brazil)

With the tattoos and smoldering cat eyes, the Brazilian forward is definitely someone people can't stop looking at.

And given his photos, this man could consider modelling as a side hustle.

Marcos Llorente (Spain)

Spain seems to produce beautiful people, with Llorente making his way onto the list.

The midfielder has the fans in a chokehold for his overall good looks. He also comes from a football-playing family.

Ramón Grosso, his grandfather, and Paco Llorente his father played the sport.

Marcos also tapped into the modeling world, gracing the cover of Men's Health.

Kevin Trapp (Germany)

Trapp is a goalkeeper for Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt and the German national team in the tournament.

Although he has a track record of expertly saving goals from entering the net, he is another person that should consider being a model at some point.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

Would it really be a "hottest players" list if Ronaldo didn't make it?

He's one of the hottest World Cup players, but it's not just for physical appearance - it's also his confidence in the game and his outlook on life.

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