World Cup 2018: 13 of the best memes from England vs Croatia

Getty Images / Shaun Botterill / Staff

England have undeservedly crashed out the World Cup after a heroic performance against a dirty Croatian side.

Okay, maybe we're bias.

Correction: Unfortunately (and deservedly), England lost the semi-final in extra time against a better team.

This cruel, unwanted fact is just something we'll have to deal with: after all, football is still coming home, but just later than we thought.

Maybe football attempted to commute via Southern Rail or something. Amateur.

Anyway, there's always next time, and we can be proud that England got to the last four teams, an historic achievement not reached since 1990.

To soothe your hurting hearts, we've compiled the best memes, jokes and reactions to England's stinging World Cup loss.

1. People were doubting every hope they'd ever had.

2. But it's okay: England have learned something from this World Cup.

3. Don't look back in anger, I heard you say.

4. After all, we all know exactly whose fault this is.

5. It's tough, but we're going home.

6. Come on, it's easy to mix up your words. Coming and going are very similar...

7. Alright, we get it.

8. Most of all, think of all the Twitter usernames that will have to be changed back.

9. The country has potentially tougher times to come.

10. At least it means we've got something to distract us?

11. Though people are still retiring their England flags.

12. There's always an upside!

13. But most importantly, where are you Ross Kemp?

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