World Cup 2018 : The 11 best reactions to football not coming home

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England are out the World Cup.

This means it might not be coming home. Not right now, anyway. Not after Croatia kicked us out the semi-final of the World Cup, winning 2-1 in extra time.

England fans are feeling mixed emotions - between pride at a young team getting the furthest in the World Cup since 1990 and sadness that we could have done more.

1. But don't look back in anger.

2. And keep your negative thoughts to yourself.

3. Let's remember what we've achieved.

4. We were so close.

5. But we are still proud (especially if Gareth Southgate gives us a hug).

6. Because Southgate - and his team - brought us together.

7. Even if we're sad.

8. ...And it feels like we're fading away...

9. ... And we've lost hope...

10. ...Remember, at least the Germans weren't involved.

11. And now we can look to the future.

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