What's 'alphabet dating' and could it help spice up your love life?

What's 'alphabet dating' and could it help spice up your love life?
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This year there have been a number of different dating trends and the latest one that's taken over TikTok is alphabet dating.

Coming up with date ideas can be challenging and so what the alphabet dating trend does is to help couples think outside the box and plan date nights they perhaps wouldn't have come up with on their own.

The way alphabet dating works is by planning a date that revolves around a letter, starting with A, then B, C etc...

For example - a date at an aquarium for A, a bowling or brunch date for B, a comedy club date for C and so on.


Getting ready to start alphabet dating 🫶🏻 🎨 🎯 🎡 Follow along as we make our way through this list. There’s something for everyone 💕 Leave us some more date ideas below. #alphabetdates #alphabetdating #couplestiktok #dateideas #datenightideas #dublindateideas #azdatenight

While the origins of the trend remain unclear, one of the most popular videos was posted by Abby Benson-Schwallie last year.

It can be difficult to come up with date ideas for all 26 letters of the alphabet so here are some ideas:

  • A - Aquarium, or arcade
  • B – Bar crawl, brunch, bowling
  • C – Cinema, Cat cafe, comedy club, concert, camping
  • D – Dancing
  • E – Escape room
  • F – Figure skating
  • G – Golfing
  • H – Hiking
  • I – Ice bar
  • J – Jazz bar
  • K – Karaoke
  • L – lunch date
  • M – Music festival
  • N – Netflix date
  • O – Opera
  • P – Painting,
  • Q – Quiz
  • R – Rock climbing
  • S – Shopping
  • T – Tennis
  • U – UNO
  • V – video games
  • W – Walk
  • X – X-box
  • Y – Have a “yes” day
  • Z – Zoo trip

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