Experts warn against dangerous beer sun tan trend

Experts warn against dangerous beer sun tan trend
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Experts have been speaking out about a new TikTok trend that is pretty dangerous.

The trend sees people pour beer on themselves, claiming doing so helps them tan in the sun quickly.

In one video, a woman pours beer on her legs then rubs it in.

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Another shows a woman pouring beers down another woman's back, who squeals at the cold.


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But surprise, surprise, it is not a good idea.

Jason Goldberg, the director of the travel company Spa Seekers, explained why it is harmful.

He told Dexerto: “There is science behind why beer can help us to achieve a perfect tan, with the hops in beer activating melanin – the substance in our bodies which is responsible for making our skin darker.

“However, if you were to replace using sunscreen for a can of holiday beer, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to the sun’s exposure with no protection. Doing this can leave you at an increased risk of sunburn, heatstroke, or even sun poisoning in severe cases.”

For those looking to get that bronzed glow safely, Jason suggested “wearing an SPF of at least 30 and applying it between 15 to 20 mins” before heading out into the sun to achieve the perfect tan.

So there you have it. Beer is for drinking, sunscreen is for safer tanning. Who knew?

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