'Bella Hadid body measurement' TikTok trend branded 'toxic'

'Bella Hadid body measurement' TikTok trend branded 'toxic'
Bella Hadid is creating makeup magic

A new "toxic" trend is taking over TikTok that involves people comparing their body measurements to Bella Hadid – and some users are concerned.

While social media can sometimes be a force for good, other corners of the internet have received several side eyes for their damaging messages.

A quick TikTok search into 'Bella Hadid measurements' will reveal hundreds of videos of people sharing their measurements. As we know, Hadid is a supermodel and the comparisons haven't sat easily with many users, as it perpetuates unrealistic beauty standards.

"When Bella Hadid’s measurements are 34-24-32 and mine are 31-22-33," one person wrote in a viral clip that's racked up almost half a million likes. The TikToker went on to call the measurements a "big flex in my life."

Another person wrote: "POV I have the same measurements as Bella Hadid, nothing can hurt my feelings, I don't care".

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While the clips are seemingly intended to be lighthearted, many more TikTokers have hit back at its "toxic" roots – especially given TikTok is predominantly a Gen-Z app.

Creator Felix (@fmjat) raised the concern, asking viewers: "Aren’t these Bella Hadid measurements low-key a step back backward and hypocritical?"


bare in mind these are the same gurlies saying all bodys r beautiful 🥹😏 #bellahadid #bodypositivity #models #modelcommunity #bodyimage

His clip was met with people who agreed on the matter, with one writing: "Like.. the trend is so bad for impressionable teens/ppl on this app with eating disorders."

Another user simply put it: "The fixation on bodies is tiring."

Meanwhile, a third person chimed in: "Can we all say the things we like ab our bodies and accept the fact that we’re all gonna see things we don’t relate to without freaking out."

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