DoorDash customer charged for damaged delivery after driver got hit by a car

DoorDash customer charged for damaged delivery after driver got hit by a car
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It’s never fun when a delivery goes wrong but for one DoorDash customer from New York, one order has reportedly left her without the drinks they bought because the driver got hit by a car outside - and she claims DoorDash have still charged them $30 anyway.

In a video on TikTok posted earlier this month, Nia Stanford explained they bought two bottles of wine, only for an incident to occur just as she was about to collect them.

They said: “While my Dasher was waiting for me to get it from outside, he got hit. That’s what he messaged me, that he got hit.

“Long story short, I did not get a refund. They told me I was getting a refund, I checked today, I’m not getting a refund.

“I called five times to several customer service people who were sometimes very mean, sometimes very nice. I got hung up on twice - I’m not getting a refund.”

The delivery service expanded to cover alcohol back in 2021 and its guidelines on delivering alcoholic beverages warns Dashers they may be “held criminally liable if you provide alcohol to a person who is underage or intoxicated or leave alcohol unattended”.

However, an image shared by Nia shows a smashed bottle of wine left behind, with the Dasher reportedly nowhere to be seen.

“[DoorDash] told me that because I was buying alcohol, that was over $25, there was a mishap in reporting or something that means I had to pay a $25 undeliverable fee, which is for people who are underage or are too intoxicated to receive the delivery.


@DoorDash ive been a dash pass member since 2021 u know meee

“Obviously, it wasn’t my fault, but I still have to pay the fee.

“So please tag DoorDash, because I want my $30 back,” they continued.

DoorDash states if a Dasher unable to deliver an order, the app will require them to select from a number of options (such as the customer being intoxicated or underage, no one being available to collect the order, or invalid or expired ID) before returning it to the seller for “additional return pay”.

The comments have since been flooded with users tagging DoorDash while some have recommended Nia contact their bank to dispute the transaction.

DoorDash is yet to comment publicly on the video and has been approached by indy100 for comment.

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