Tasty TikTok recipes to upgrade your hot cross buns this Easter

Tasty TikTok recipes to upgrade your hot cross buns this Easter
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Hot cross buns are a popular Easter treat, traditionally eaten on Good Friday - but the question is... can you put a new twist on an old classic?

Well, the answer is yes. According to TikTok, there are numerous new weird and wonderful ways to eat your hot cross buns which have reached 1 million views in the last 30 days.

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From a hot cross bun cocktail to an ice cream sandwich, community retailer SPAR has rounded up the trendiest TikTok recipes to help you discover new twists on the classic Easter treat:

Mug Cake Hot Cross Buns


THIS WAS SO YUMMMMMMM! 🤤 #tiggamac #okiedokie #hotcrossbuns #mugcake #dessert #caramilk #woolworths #cakedecorator #recipe #desserttok

This one has proved a hit thanks to its easy method which will transform any hot cross bun. All you need is a microwave, a hot cross bun and a few more ingredients.

First, cut the top off a hot cross bun and then chop the rest into small cubes.

Get yourself a large mug and start to layer the ingredients - hot cross bun, topped with some chocolate pieces and then a milk, sugar and egg mixture poured over. Keep repeating this and then add the top of the bun to hold it all together. Microwave for two and a half minutes and voila!

Check out @tigga_mac to see how it’s done and try for yourself.

Hot Cross Espresso Martini


Reply to @threeebees It’s here 🙌🏼 our Hot Cross Bun Espresso Martini #craftginclub #espressomartini #easyrecipe #hotcrossbuns #coffee #coffeetiktok #harrystyles #asitwas #spring #springcocktails #easter #cocktail #cocktailhour #hellospring #ginlovers #recipe #gin #fyp

Truly proving there's a cocktail of every occasion, here's how to make your very own hot cross bun cocktail!

Give your favourite Espresso Martini an Easter twist by simply blending a hot cross bun and creating a sugar syrup by combining with sugar and water. Shake your vodka and coffee liquor together, add the hot cross bun sugar syrup and pour into a glass to enjoy a brand-new tipple.

To make it extra special place two stirrers in a cross over the top - and dust to make a cute hot cross bun pattern which your guests will love!

Learn how to make this tasty tipple here by @craftginclub.

Hot Cross Bun Pudding


Hot cross bun pudding ❤️🤤 full recipe on my blog!

A pudding is a classic dessert, so here's how to make it with an Easter twist.

Slice up your hot cross buns and add the bottoms to a baking tray, throw in whatever sweet extras you fancy (we recommend chocolate and mini eggs for an even more Easter-themed dessert) and add the top layers of your buns back on.

Then make your custard, pour over the tray and add some chocolate on the top, bake, and enjoy!

Check out the fantastic @Janespatisserie on TikTik here to see for yourself.

Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream Sandwich


Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream Sandwiches 😋 #icecream #easter #hotcrossbuns #sandwich #sandwiches #sweettooth

This dish does what it says on the tin and takes two standard ingredients to the next level with a combination of the most delicious desserts we can think of!

Choose your favourite ice cream flavour, whether it’s vanilla, chocolate or mint, and spoon into the middle of two toasted hot cross buns. It couldn’t be simpler! Add chocolate or caramel sauce if you’re feeling a little extra and throw in some sprinkles too.

See how simple it is to make yourself with @somethingaboutsandwiches.

Breakfast Bacon Hot Cross Bun


hot cross buns. WHAT a revelation 🥓 #hotcrossbuns #bacon #recipe #easter #breakfast #silly #delicious #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

For the adventurous food lovers who love a sweet and salty combination - this one is for you!

Firstly get the bacon cooking in a pan, half the hot cross buns and toast in the same pan so it absorbs the delicious flavour.

Butter the hot cross bun and build your ideal breakfast treat adding any extras like spinach or cheese and enjoy this Easter twist one special morning!

Take a look at the @mam_sham team trying it out for themselves here.

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