Woman hit with 'creepy' proposal while trying to sell her engagement ring online

Woman hit with 'creepy' proposal while trying to sell her engagement ring online
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Holly Kingston

A woman trying to sell her engagement ring online was hit with a creepy proposal from a stranger.

Nowadays, online dating is a common way to meet prospective partners, but when unsolicited messages start appearing in your social media inbox, it’s not always welcome.

One woman was surprised when she found that selling an engagement ring on Facebook Marketplace resulted in several unwanted, creepy messages from men trying to hit on her.

In a viral TikTok, Camille Fahrnbaue opened up about the incident, jokingly telling women via the caption, “Ladies, delete Hinge and download Facebook Marketplace”.

She revealed over the course of the post that her husband had left her and so she was selling the ring on Facebook Marketplace.


It seems the men used the fact she was selling an engagement ring as a sign she might be open to being approached, as Fahrnbaue posted several screenshots of some of the messages she received.

One man responded to the ad: “Tbh I really don’t want the ring I’d rather just use the ring to re-marry you.”

Another asked: “I’m not looking for a ring yet. Would it be too bold of me to take my shot?”

“I don’t want to buy the ring but how about I take you country dancing and we can talk about what you’re going through,” another man messaged.

In the comments, some found the content of the messages hilarious and rooted for Fahrnbaue saying it was “your husband's loss”.

In a follow-up video, she shared that she managed to sell the ring and used the funds to fly back to the place in Italy where she and her ex eloped, in order to “make better memories”.

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