TikTok surprised to hear what English sounds like to non-speakers

TikTok surprised to hear what English sounds like to non-speakers
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Have you ever wondered what English sounds like to those who don't speak the language?

Well, a new viral TikTok has shared an insight into what this may be like, to the surprise of viewers.

TikToker Language Simp (@languagesimp) who as his username suggests can speak several languages including English and created content all about this subject matter.

In the 25-second clip, he used his expertise to share what English sounds to non-English speakers - "This is how English sounds to foreigners” the TikToker said before reciting a couple of sentences.

After speaking what sounds like bizarre gibberish that you feel like you should understand, it sounds strikingly similar to a character in The Sims.


Ever wondered what it’s like to not understand English? #english #languages #language #linguistics #USA #polyglot

The TikTok posted in 2021 and reshared recently has over 10.4m views, 1.7m likes, and over 41,000 comments from people who shared their thoughts on this revelation.

One person wrote: "What in the sims."

"I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again... He out here speaking in Simlish," another person said.

A third person joked: "That’s how it sounds when important instructions are being presented to me."

"It's like when you can hear someone but not focusing on what they're saying," a fourth person commented.

Someone else added: "It sounds like I should be able to understand but when I try it makes no sense."

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