The majority of people cannot find the hidden knife in this picture

The majority of people cannot find the hidden knife in this picture

If you've been on TikTok in the past few days then there is a chance that you've seen videos asking you to find the fourth image in a bizarre illustration.

The drawings have previously asked you to look for objects hidden inside of them but people have struggled to find the four objects listed such as french fries and a crutch.

However, the sneaky fact of the matter is that the fourth object wasn't there. It was all part of a mean TikTok prank but both videos still racked up millions of views, so we guess it achieved its goal.

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Well now there is another one of these image puzzles but this time it isn't a prank as all four objects are there. The picture features an old man in a wheelchair looking outside at a thunder and lightning storm while being overseen by two nurses.

The hidden objects in the puzzle are an egg, an envelope, a straw and a knife. See if you can find them.


Hmmm 🤔#greenscreensticker

How did you get on? Need some help finding them? Allow us to help.

For starters, the egg is part of the old man's glasses. The envelope is then the hat of the nurse on the right. The straw, which is tricky to find, is hidden in the arm of the wheelchair.

You might have found those three and well done if you did but 'where is the knife?' you might ask. Well, believe it or not it is there but you need to look at the green wall behind the nurses and then above the hat of the nurse on the left and you should be able to make out the outline of the knife in the hat and the wall.

Although many people have struggled to find the knife others have called this version of the game "easy".

However, it wasn't easy for one person who wrote: "Me not being able to find the straw."

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