Can you find the hidden fourth object in this image? The majority of people can't

Can you find the hidden fourth object in this image? The majority of people can't

If you've spent any time on TikTok this year then there is a strong chance that you've seen one of the 'find the fourth object' picture puzzles that have gone viral on the platform.

The cartoon images are often of surreal scenarios but all ask users to find four objects that are hidden in the picture.

For instance, the first of these to go viral was an image of three people in a bathroom that asked you to locate an egg, glove, envelope and crutch hidden in the picture.

While the first three were relatively easy to find locating the crutch was virtually impossible.

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Well, the good news is that there is another similar image doing the rounds on TikTok and yes, it's proving to be just as tricky. The picture is an illustration of Ronald McDonald on a stretcher being treated by paramedics.

The caption on the video, which has 4.1 million views reads: "I’m sure you can’t find the 4th object." The four objects in question are a comb, a straw, a knife and some french fries.


French fries took days to find 😤#greenscreensticker

Well, spoiler, just like the previous puzzle there are only three objects in this picture for you to find. The french fries aren't in there at all so we're sorry to report but this is nothing but an elaborate social media prank.

In fact, there are now several of these on @e.ugh profile and they all play the same prank but it hasn't stopped people from falling for them.

Remarkable in the Ronald McDonald one, people are finding other objects such as birds and dynamite. One person wrote: "yeah i could not find the French fries but I found a Bird and dynamite..."

Another added: "Bro I saw a bird and dynamite."

A third said: "How are yous finding birds and dynamite I cant even find the mf fries."

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